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Alexander van Spaendonck Valyoux

Alexander van Spaendonck

As partner and co-founder of Valyoux, Alexander plays a key role for our clients in managing their total assets. His challenge is finding  the right balance between good return on investments and his clients’ tax & legal structure. Alexander has both Dutch clients as well as international clients.


Norbert Draijer

At Valyoux, Norbert is involved in integral asset management and structuring. He is our contact person for Strategic Asset Allocation and he supervises the development and implementation of our clients’ investment strategies. Norbert’s motivation comes from Einsteins quote “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of Valyoux (value)” by realizing his clients’ needs, goals and objectives.


VALYOUX Norbert Draijer
VALYOUX Desiree Munnichs

Desirée Munnichs

Desirée joined Valyoux as partner in 2017. Her focus is to manage the clients’ affairs in a way to best reach their financial goals and objectives. She has a pro-active, hands-on approach, giving her clients honest assessments and clear direction.


Johan Vissers

Johan became partner at Valyoux in 2019.  He helps his clients to develop a strategy across all financial affairs and create a road map to achieve their financial goals and objectives. Johan ensures everyone’s efforts complement each other for a financial life that is more than the sum of its parts.  He is their personal and independant confidant.


Johan Vissers Valyoux
VALYOUX Manon Tummers

Manon Tummers

At Valyoux, Manon deals with several responsibilities such as providing for our clients’ cash flow management and supporting with the implementation of their financial strategy. She is also involved in the processes that lead to a consolidated asset report.